GMPM - and other afflictions affecting project managers




This is a book with topical humour covering the latest medicine, combined with modern management and some veterinary considerations.

Originally devised as a well-received entertainment which is still being provided, the concept has transferred well to the written page. Hundreds of copies have been sold – including linked to the presentations.

This booklet takes up the challenge of GMPM – Genetically Modified Project Management, and introduces and explores some of the issues:

  1. the PM gene in the DNA chain (provisional) is identified
  2. initial groups of animal PM characteristics which have been observed are explained
  3. a self help health check and questionnaire is offered
  4. there are also some Emergency Remedies
  5. and a Universal Excuse Note is provided
  6. in addition some other modern afflictions which are affecting project managers are briefly explained.

Practitioners, their colleagues, their employers and their client customers may recognise some of these features and be suitably reassured by the research and analysis which are taking place.

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