How to Select The Right Project Manager


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How to Select The Right Project Manager is a practical publication which guides the reader through the options, processes, ancillary byways and tangential issues of PM selection.

The author’s experience as a judge, organiser, observer and contestant emerges on every page.

Target readers will include:

  1. client customers and their advisors seeking to appoint project managers,
  2. prospective employers of project managers as staff,
  3. project managers themselves as individuals and organisations.

Within the texts and Appendices there are comprehensive checklists, worked examples and references.

In a forest of management publications this accessible volume is unique in its title, depth and usefulness.

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1 review for How to Select The Right Project Manager

  1. Dr Charles Willbe

    Everything you need to know

    I came to this book expecting a light-hearted gambol across this topic and was disappointed; what I got though was much better. Tom deals with the whole process of project manager selection in an extremely thorough and methodical way.
    The chapter on type and source of project manager clearly lays out the pros and cons of different choices and wisely avoids saying which is best “without knowing the circumstances in question”. Routes to selection are similarly described in a concise and useful fashion as are methods of budgeting for project management.
    Tom’s discussion of project management resource profiles highlights a topic which is all too rarely considered and again leads the reader through a thought process rather than dictating solutions.
    Other sections also raised key issues which are frequently dealt with blindly by rote or ignored e.g. that the balance of quality v price in the evaluation process when selecting a project manager is not set but should vary depending on the project; that various problems arise in interviews that can be dealt with if planned for.
    Numerous appendices further enhance the value of this comprehensive book which I will now consider the definitive work in this area.

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