Pandemic Impacts and Responses - for businesses of all sizes




Business and society is always different after a pandemic, so much so that there will be phrases such as “Do you remember before the virus?”
This will be akin to before flint tools, before penicillin, before petroleum, before and after dinosaurs disappeared – all significant befores and afters.
In all these cases things would never be the same.
Interesting. Sobering. Challenging.
So what can businesses do to protect their staff?
These notes:
  1. are for business owners, senior managers, principals of practices, etc.
  2. include prompts and suggestions to selectively pass on to others in whole or in part.
  3. may be for adoption or adaptation as and when appropriate – or confirmation of being on the right lines.
Some of these topics may be urgent and important.  Others may be useful activities for delegation later on to those less busy in lockdown, in quiet times, in recovery or for group working.
Keep calm and do something – as businesses of all sizes.

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