Time Matters




Time really does matter!

Time and again we are told the value and importance of time.

On projects time is a constant point in the established iron triangle; and also in modern, wider polygon interpretations. There is always a point for time.

This collection of four booklets addresses some of these dilemmas, difficulties, pressures and misunderstandings when up against it in time terms and when time really does matter.

  1. Getting Back on Track
  2. Some Misunderstandings About Time
  3. Expedient Measures and Acceleration
  4. Exercises in Confronting Delay

The observations and approaches within these booklets are based on extensive experiences, studies and observations of the author over many years, with ups and downs, with time recovery recognitions, responses, successes, failures and bewilderments.

There are examples, case studies, checklists and spaces for notes.

The individual booklets are also available as PDF downloads.

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